Head Essentials Buyer, FIT Associate

Jeremy graduated from Miami University with a BA in Economics. His dad is a portfolio advisor in Cleveland, OH, his mom is a secretary in Darien, CT, and his little brother Grant is a freshman at University of Connecticut. His favorite movie is The Princess Bride, his favorite book is Flowers for Algernon, his favorite food is BBQ chicken wings, his favorite color is orange, and he likes dark beer and sweet wine.

Jeremy got into running when his parents forced him to take up a sport in the seventh grade; his best friend was going to run cross country because he came from a big running family, so Jeremy decided to join him. It was really difficult and he kind of hated it a lot, but stuck with it due to his innate stubbornness and the friendships he had made. When he got to high school he started putting in more effort and soon began to notice improvements. He began to feel better, both physically and from a self-confidence standpoint, and by the time he graduated, he was a pretty good runner and absolutely loved it! When he went to Miami, he looked for something to fill the void where his high school cross country and track team used to be so he joined the Miami Striders, where he served as President in his third and fourth years. While running cross country and track with the Striders, he began to train for and run marathons, culminating in the 2013 Boston Marathon, one of the absolute highlights of his running career so far. He's met almost all of his good friends through running and his life would be astronomically different right now had he never started running.

We asked Jeremy some fun questions, and his answers show his deep love of running!

  1. If you could change places with anyone for a day, who would it be? Some world-class athlete; I'll go with Nick Symmonds. I think it would be incredible to be physically able to run a 1:43 800m or a 5:19 beer mile.
  2. If you suddenly became invisible, what is the first thing you would do? This is kind of an odd questions. I don't really know! I guess I would see movies in the theater for free which would save me like twenty dollars! But I couldn't really socialize if I were invisible so I don't know if I would have much fun doing most things.
  3. What is the strangest thing you've ever eaten? Kangaroo! It was absolutely delicious; I would totally eat it again.
  4. You get to make the biopic of your life. Who plays you, and what is the genre? I would be played by Haley Joel Osment and it would be some sort of cheesy comedy, possibly a cartoon.
  5. What is your favorite thing in the store? Balega Hidden Comfort socks!  Over the past few years, I've completely phased out my cotton socks in favor of synthetic ones.  My feet are always so comfortable and dry and pleasant all day long and I love it.  I don't think I could go back to cotton socks at this point.

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