When nominated for the Power of Running to Inspire award, Arielles nominator told us "She always has a positive attitude and is always up for a few more miles! She made everyone feel welcome and included and pushed you to do your best!"

I have never considered myself a runner and to be honest, I still don’t; yet, there is something about running that is invigorating, addicting, and just outright fun.  I cannot help but to continue to hit the pavement, one foot at a time. 

I grew up playing competitive sports, yet I was an overweight teen and never ran on my own.  As I started to lose the weight, I still was not interested in running until the year after college when I worked as an event coordinator at SUNY Albany.  I started training with a few friends in support of the American Stroke Association and embarked on my journey of running a marathon.  One by one, my friends began to drop out of the training, but I was determined to see this goal through.  Injury after injury and with doctors telling me to take time off and rest, I proceeded to push even harder and completed my first (and potentially last) marathon in Burlington, VT in 2005.  From there I continued to find other runners and just kept on running. 

I like to call running my therapy.  It helps me refocus when I am in a mood, it helps me maintain my weight, it keeps me strong, and overall running makes me a better person. 

What I realized over the years is that each runner has their own journey and this aspect draws me to want to run with people and learn their stories.  I began running with Fleet Feet Sports Stamford in the fall of 2015, participated in the half marathon training group, and have been hooked ever since.  I mentored the NOBO II 5K group last spring and currently coach the NOBO II 5K group.  I am blessed by every person I have trained with and every stranger I have waved to or even engaged in conversation, as they given me a bit more hope, momentum, and strength on each run.  I enjoy giving back to the running community and hope that I can motivate people one step (literally) at a time.

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