Billy's nominator Brandon told us "Bill’s months of training and great race results are inspiring because he is willing to give up his own personal time and endure the pain associated with running thousands of miles to ensure that local kids have a chance to get a preschool education."

Billy Brucker has always been a runner.  While never a “front of the pack” kind of guy, he had successful cross country and track careers in high school and college.  However, sometime after graduation, the desire to race got away from him.  He maintained easy running for a number of years to stay in shape, but the fire wasn’t rekindled until a friend dared him to run the New Jersey Marathon with him in 2012.  Since he already committed to running 26.2 miles (an unthinkable idea!), Billy decided to use the race to help others in need.  He began raising funds for Family Centers, a local human service organization that helps more than 25,500 Fairfield County residents overcome various education, self-sufficiency, trauma and health-related issues.

Since that first marathon, Billy has run three other marathons and raised more than $12,000 to help Family Centers accomplish its mission of helping children, adults, families and communities realize their potential.  While the medals and PR’s are nice (he holds a 3:25 PR at the 2014 Rock n’ Roll USA Marathon in Washington, DC), Billy takes more personal satisfaction knowing the miles he runs are helping others in need.  If you ask him, he’ll tell you that because running can be a solitary sport, adding a fundraising component to his training is a real motivator to get the finish line at each race.

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