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Scott as depicted by his 7-year-old sonScott is the proud father of 2 boys. Scott and his wife both like to exercise, but - like most of us - wish they had more time for it. Scott coaches his kids little league teams, and is always very happy whenever they are physically active, because an active kid is a "pre-tired" kid. The best part of running for Scott is that it is a personal endeavor and it provides calm in an sometimes hectic life. Scott is currently pursuing his physical therapy assistant degree locally, and is interested in fitness in general.

We asked Scott some fun questions, and his answers show his goofy side!

  1. If you could change places with anyone for a day, who would it be? Bill Murray - because then I would know what it's like to golf with Rodney Dangerfield AND fight ghosts with Dan Aykroyd.
  2. If you suddenly became invisible, what is the first thing you would do? Take a bike ride downtown. That way everybody would yell, "Look! A magic bike!"
  3. What is the strangest thing you've ever eaten? "Garbage Omelettes," which I make quite often. They are just regular omelettes stuffed with whatever leftovers are in the fridge. Go ahead, ask my wife!
  4. You get to make the biopic of your life. Who plays you, and what is the genre? I would want Adam Sandler to play me - because he is able to make the mundane at least a bit interesting. The film would be a comedy and would be panned by snobby critics, but loved by the everyman.
  5. What is your favorite thing in the store? The Nathan Sport Wash, because I've used it to revive technical apparel after I Accidentally use fabric softener on it. Go ahead, ask my wife!

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