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In our spare time, we are always reading articles found on the internet. While most of our recommendations will be related to fitness, nutrition, and women's health, we may occasionally recommend an article that just made us chuckle for a few minutes. Here is a list of articles we liked reading:

General Health

  • Scott Douglas, "Study: Exercise Lowers Ambulatory Blood Pressure."

Women's Health

  • Go Red for Women Editors, "Symptoms of a Heart Attack."
  • Go Red for Women Editors, "Symptoms of a Stroke."
  • Jessica Chubak et al., "New Study Indicates Moderate Exercise May Protect against Colds."
  • Bertrand Tehard et al., "Effect of Physical Activity on Women at Increased Risk of Breast Cancer: Results from the E3N Cohort Study."

Racing and Training

  • Jeff Gaudette, "Four Strategies for Overcoming Racing Anxiety."
  • Greg McMillan, "Go Zone Racing."


  • Jenna Bell-Wilson, "The Buzz About Nutrient Timing."
  • Matt Kadey, "Is a Gluten-Free Diet for You?"
  • Jenny Sugar, "Foods to Avoid before a Workout."

Injury Prevention and Treatment

  • Julia Lucas, "Post-Run Recovery Tips: Learn How to Bounce Back Quicker after Your Next Workout."
  • Caitlin Chock, "How Runners Can Prevent Achilles Tendon and Calf Injuries."


  • Matt Fitzgerald, "Hydration and Running: How Much Should You Drink?"
  • Matt Fitzgerald, "Six Hydration Mistakes to Avoid on Race Day."
  • Tim Noakes, "Drink to Thirst."

We hope that you enjoy reading these articles as much as we enjoyed reading them. Look for our Tweets about new articles, so don't forget to Follow Us on Twitter. We will update this page with a couple of new articles each month. 

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