Addaday Massage Roller Warm-up

Try this 5-10 minute warm-up with Addaday's Ultra Roller to get your muscles warmed up and ready to run! Remember, it doesn't have to hurt to work - even a gentle massage stimulates the blood flow to your muscles, improving your circulation. Repeat each step for both legs.

1) Kneeling or sitting, roll the massage gears on your calf in a circular motion. Move on to your shins, being careful to put pressure on the muscle, not the bone.

2) Standing, massage your quadriceps. Spend time on both the inside and outside of your thigh - the outer part of your quads, the IT Band, is often a trouble spot for runners, so be sure to spend enough time here if you have had IT Band issues!

3) Time for the gluteal massage! Focus the massage roller on the areas where you normally find your back pockets.

4) Make sure you are somewhere that you can balance easily. Lifting one leg in front of you, concentrate the massage roller on your hamstrings.

5) Being careful to avoid your spine, massage your lower back.

Voila! With just 5-10 minutes of effort with the Addaday Ultra Roller, your blood will be flowing and your muscles ready to tackle whatever challenge you have ahead!

Tips for using an Addaday massage roller:

1) Do not roll on your bones; focus your efforts on your muscles

2) For a deeper massage, use the smallest roller to really dig into your muscles

3) For videos on proper use, visit Addaday's website

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