6 Reasons to Support Your Local Running Store

#1: The FIT Process
Our goal is more than just selling a shoe

Instead of simply going to the basement and pulling the size shoe you wear, we take time to find the perfect shoe for you. This includes getting to know your story and goals, taking multiple measurements of your feet, and a gait evaluation. Our goal is more than just selling a shoe: we are committed to helping you find a shoe that makes you happy. 

#2: The Camraderie
At Fleet Feet Sports Stamford, everyone loves being with each other  

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, camaraderie is a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group. It only takes a few Fleet Feet events to see that everyone loves being with each other. We have seen numerous people build lifetime friendships with people they have met at our events. These friendships flourish in an environment that doesn't exist at a discount store or an online source.   

#3: The Training Programs
Runners of all abilities working hard and having one heck of a time

One of our favorite things to do here at Fleet Feet is to host training programs. Why? We absolutely love to help people reach goals they thought were not possible. Also, we love to have fun and our programs from 5K to half marathon are filled with runners and walkers of all abilities working hard and having one heck of a time. Think of all the friends we have brought into your life with these programs!

#4: Pub Runs and Fun Times
It's the time spent casually with friends that mean the most.

You cannot run hard every day. PRs and awards are nice, but it's the time spent casually with friends that mean the most.  Sometimes you just need to go on an easy run and have some fun! Our weekly Fun Runs are just that. Do you fancy yourself a life-long student? Then join us for one of our semi-monthly healthcare clinics with local doctors and athletic specialists. If dressing up is your thing, then you can't miss our Fashion Shows and Ladies Nights. These are just some of the ways we strive to be a hub to the active community.

#5: Local Races
Last year alone, we sponsored over 40 local races and events

So you just bought a pair of shoes from us...now it is time to use them, and we know the perfect place! Throughout the year, we sponsor numerous local road races benefitting organizations that are doing incredible work right here in your community. Last year alone, we sponsored over 40 local races and events! Plus, with the Fleet Feet Sports Stamford Racing Team, we offer opportunities to receive complimentary entries to races, train with other Racing Team members, and volunteer at numerous local events. 

#6: Our New On-Line Shopping Experience
The Fleet Feet Sports online store has your back

We always love to see you in the store but we know that sometimes life gets hectic. From running kids to soccer practice to being out of town, it seems that nowadays life is full of running around. For times that you need to get something but cannot come into the store, the Fleet Feet Sports  online store has your back. If you are going to shop online, then shop with us and know you are still supporting your local running community - plus, shipping is FREE on orders over $100!

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