Accessories are what make your active lifestyle luxurious. Our FIT experts are trained to make recommendations based on your activities. For some people, it is a hydration system allowing them to bring either water or their favorite sports drink with them. For others, it could be either an anti-chaffing product or a sports watch with GPS capabilities to track speed and distance.

  • Anti-chaffing lubricants
  • Compression socks and sleeves
  • Cushioning and supportive inserts
  • Eye protection and sunglasses
  • Gloves, mittens, hats, and headbands for winter
  • Hats to shield the sun and the rain
  • Hydration belts and water bottles
  • Injury prevention and self-care accessories
  • Moisture-wicking synthetic and wool socks
  • Recovery and body maintenance compression equipment
  • Reflective and illuminated vests, lights, hats, and bands
  • Running stickers, jewelry, and magnets
  • Watches, heart-rate monitors, GPS speed and distance monitors, pedometers, and other fun gear!

We love to talk about accessories, so let our FIT experts help you find the right FIT for your fitness needs.

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