Hydration and Nutrition

One of the keys to optimal performance is the consumption of vital nutrients, such as fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water, when your body needs them. Nutrition and hydration products, when consumed at the correct time, in the correct quantity, and in the correct mix, have been shown in scientific studies to increase endurance, to assist with hydration, and to decrease recovery times in athletes. Remember the adage: never try anything new on race day - experiment and determine what works best for you during your training.

At Fleet Feet Sports, we carry the following nutrition and hydration products:

  • Gels: Gels help when you need a fast-acting, easy-to-digest source of energy. Use it before a workout and during it (every 45 minutes) to provide your muscles with energy. Most packets have approximately 100 calories. Some packets even have caffeine, which scientific studies have shown to help metabolize fat and to delay muscle fatigue. 


  • Chews, Chomps, Bloks, and Beans: When you need something to chew, sometimes gels just don't work. It maybe because you cannot tolerate the “glob.” It may be because they infuse too much good stuff at once in your stomach, which can lead to cramping. These products are helpful because they taste like gummy bears and can be individually eaten over a period of time, which keeps your fuel levels consistent. 


  • Bars and Waffles: They taste like decadent treats, but they are chock full of good ingredients. These options are perfect for people who cannot stand gels and want to ingest real ingredients. 


  • Liquid Fuel: Sometimes your body needs more than what H20 can provide it. These sport drinks are low on sugar and high on electrolytes and energy. 


  • Recovery Zone: Your body needs from 200 to 300 calories of specific nutrients with 45 minutes of your work-out to assist in the recovery process and optimal performance during your next workout. 

There are a lot of nutrition and hydration products on the market, so let our FIT experts walk you through the differences in those products and help you find the right FIT for your fitness needs.


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